An Institute known as ‘Omkar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’ come into existence on 1996 in Gadhinglaj city of Kolhapur district in southern Maharashtra (India). To provide higher education at affordable price/rate to Socio-Economically backward students in the city and surrounding villages was the motto behind establishing this institute Read More

1.NEP 2020 Pamphlet Date:30-04-2024

2.World English Day Date:25-04-2024

3.Revised Syllabus Workshop 2024 Date:18-04-2024

4.e-quiz on the occasion of 133 birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Date:14-04-2024


6.NEP 2020 Annual Report- 2023-24 Date:03-04-2024

7.Examination Orientation Workshop Date:23-03-2024

8.Study Tour Date:23-03-2024

9.Alumni Guest Lecture by Smt. Jayshri Desai (Secretary of Alumni Association) Date:21-03-2024

10.Seminar on Future Carrier Opportunities Date:21-03-2024

11.Micro Speaker Donated by Shri. Santosh Bhosale Date:21-03-2024

12.NEP 2020- student Awareness Guidance Lecture Date:21-03-2024

13.student awareness program Date:21-03-2024

14.Online Quiz on Communication Skill Date:19-03-2024

15.ग्राहक संरक्षक कायदा व्याख्यान Date:15-03-2024

16.Industrial Processing Unit Study Visit Date:15-03-2024

17.वारणा दूध उत्पादक संघ गडिंग्लज आणि यशश्री मॅन्युफॅक्चरिंग इंडस्ट्री कटिंग या ठिकाणी औद्योगिक प्रकल्प भेट दिनांक 15 मार्च 2024 Date:15-03-2024

18.यशश्री मॅन्युफॅक्चरिंग इंडस्ट्री कटिंग या ठिकाणी औद्योगिक प्रकल्प भेट दिनांक 15 मार्च 2024 Date:15-03-2024

19.Campaign on Mera Pehala Vote Desh ke Liye Date:13-03-2024

20.Semi-Conductor Facility Innogration Program Date:13-03-2024

21.Martyrs Soldier Wives Haladi - Kumkum Ceremony Under MOU Date:12-03-2024

22.Alumni Meeting under the Chairmanship of I/C Principal Prof. Dr. Anil Patil Date:07-03-2024

23.Guest lecture on मतदान प्रक्रिया व विध्यार्थी (Voting Process and Students) Date:06-03-2024

24.Wallpaper Publication on 'समकालीन समस्या व उपाय' (Contemporary Problem and its Solution) Date:06-03-2024

25.मतदार जनजागृती अभियान २०२४ Date:05-03-2024

26.मतदार जनजागृती अभियान २०२४ Date:05-03-2024

27.अग्निवीर निवड सत्कार Date:04-03-2024

28.pamphlet distribution Date:02-03-2024

29.No Vechile Day Date:01-03-2024

30.Certificate for District Level Disaster Management Training on 1st March 2024 at Shivraj college, Gadhinglaj Date:01-03-2024

31.Hotel Shivarba Study Visit Date:23-02-2024

32.हॉटेल शिवारबा अभ्यास भेट 23 फेब्रुवारी 2024 Date:23-02-2024

33.Chh. Shivsji Maharaj Birth Anniversary Date:19-02-2024

34.Chh. Shivsji Maharaj Birth Anniversary Online Quize Compitition Date:19-02-2024

35.Varshik paritoshik Vitaran samaranbh aani vividh gundaeshan sohala Date:17-02-2024

36.Annual Prize Distribution Date:17-02-2024

37.Traditional Costume Competition Date:16-02-2024

38.No Parking Board Donated by Shri. Pavan Suryavanshi Date:16-02-2024

39.Campus Bazar and Funny Games 2023-2021 Date:16-02-2024

40.Quiz Competition Date:15-02-2024

41.Rangoli Competition Date:15-02-2024

42.Speech Competition Date:15-02-2024

43.Debate Competition Date:14-02-2024

44.Sports Competition: Chess and Carrom Date:14-02-2024

45.पोस्टर स्पर्धा 14 फेब्रुवारी 2024 Date:14-02-2024

46.Sports Competition: Jumping Date:13-02-2024

47.Sports Competition: Tug of War Date:13-02-2024

48.Surya Namaskar Competition Date:12-02-2024

49.Sports Competition: Throwing Date:12-02-2024

50.Sports Competition: Running Date:10-02-2024

51.Sports Competition: Kabaddi Date:10-02-2024

52.Annual Sports Inauguration Date:10-02-2024

53.A Video show on Figure of speech Date:07-02-2024

54.A Video show on The Dread Departure Date:07-02-2024

55.नवनियुक्त पोलीस सत्कार - दिपक मुसळे Date:06-02-2024

56.Bonding with Alumni (Marriage Ceremony Participation) Date:06-02-2024

57.एम बी ए आणि करिअरच्या संधी व्याख्यान २०२४ Date:05-02-2024

58.One Day Workshop on" Career in MBA Sector" Date:05-02-2024

59.Lecture on Changing Lifestyles and Human Health Date:03-02-2024

60.Lecture and Practical Date:03-02-2024

61.महाविद्यालयीन युवतींचे आरोग्य- एकदिवशीय कार्यशाळा Date:30-01-2024

62.विद्यार्थी आणि शिक्षकांसाठी बँकिंग योजना एक दिवशीय कार्यशाळा 30 जानेवारी 2024 Date:30-01-2024

63.Student participated in Poster competition and National Seminar at Shivaji University Kolhapur Date:25-01-2024

64.NEP 2020- Workshop Participation [Mahagaon College] Date:24-01-2024

65.One day online National Seminar on Audio Visual Arts and languages Date:24-01-2024

66.School [NEP] Connect Abhiyan- Report Date:23-01-2024

67.Karate Training Program Date:20-01-2024

68.Workshop, Training Programme Participation - Dr. S. M. Chavan Date:16-01-2024

69.अभ्यागत व्याख्यान - राजा शिवछ्त्रपती महाविद्यालय महागाव Date:15-01-2024

70.Vermi Composting Farm - Practical & Study Visit Date:15-01-2024

71.Marathi Signature Competition Date:15-01-2024

72.Guest lecture on Democratic Socialism of Pandit Nehru Date:13-01-2024

73.पूजा कदम -प्रेरणादायी व्याख्यान Date:13-01-2024

74.Educational Goa Tour2023-2024 Date:13-01-2024

75.Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary Date:12-01-2024

76.Selection State Level RD Camp, Mumbai Date:11-01-2024

77.Hearty congratulatory letter from Shri Rawalnath and Gyandeep Prabodhini family Date:11-01-2024

78.पर्यावरण अभ्यास भेट Date:09-01-2024

79.Maternity Home Study Visit Date:04-01-2024

80.Anganwadi Study Visit Date:04-01-2024

81.Bakery Products Training (Under MOU) Date:04-01-2024

82.Interview method and career opportunity Date:01-01-2024

83.Computer Application in Economics Practical 2024 Date:28-12-2023

84.National Consumer Day Speech on Sujan Grahak Din-Jagruk Grahak Date:26-12-2023

85.Wall Paper Inauguration of National Consumer Day Date:26-12-2023

86.काजू प्रक्रिया प्रकल्प आणि बेकरी उत्पादन प्रकल्प अभ्यास भेट Date:23-12-2023

87.काजू प्रक्रीया प्रकल्प आणि बेकरी उत्पादन प्रकल्प अभ्यास भेट Date:23-12-2023

88.Certificate for attended 7 days residential university or state level Camp at Shivaji University Kolhapur 13th December 2023 to 19 December 2023 Date:19-12-2023

89.World Minority Day- Online Quiz Competition Date:18-12-2023

90.One Day Workshop on Indian Knowledge System Date:16-12-2023

91.Report Of One Day Workshop [NEP- Indian Knowledge System] Date:16-12-2023

92.Shivaji University Yoga Team All India Inter University Combined Practice Camp Date:15-12-2023 Oriented course on Basic Course in Tally Date:11-12-2023

94.डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर महापरीनिर्वाण दिन Date:06-12-2023

95.Constitution Day- Common Preamble Reading and Guest Lecture on Constitutional Values Date:26-11-2023

96.Report of Read the Preamble of Indian Constitution Date:24-11-2023

97.Shivaji University Yoga Team Southwest Inter University Combined Practice Camp Date:20-11-2023

98.महाविद्यालयीन विद्यार्थी आणि समस्या Date:06-11-2023

99.NEP Implementation Policy Document Date:03-11-2023

100.One Day Workshop on Revised Syllabus of as per NEP-2020 Date:23-10-2023

101.Faculty Exchange Programe under MoU Date:21-10-2023

102.Report Of One Day Workshop on Revised Syllabus Of B.A.- II Date:19-10-2023

103.Revised Syllabus Workshop 2023 Date:19-10-2023

104.State Level ONline Quiz Competition Date:16-10-2023

105.Shivaji University Inter Zonal Women Kabaddi Competition Date:14-10-2023

106.Guest Lecture on GST: India's Opportunities and Challenges Date:13-10-2023

107.Study visit and participation in National Seminar at Shivaji University Kolhapur Date:11-10-2023

108.Group Discussion on E-Banking Date:11-10-2023

109.Film Show Angoor Date:10-10-2023

110.Film Show The Shroud Date:10-10-2023

111.short Film Smashanatil son -Anna Bhau Sathe Date:10-10-2023

112.Wall Paper Inauguration of A Thinker in The Field of Management Date:07-10-2023

113.J. R. Alis Dada Pednekar Competitive Examination Date:05-10-2023

114.Ku. Akshata Sable has been Participted in West zone NSS pre Republic Day period camp to 2023, Andra Pradesh from 1st to 10th November 2023 Date:01-10-2023

115.J. R. Alis Dada Pednekar Marathon Competition Date:30-09-2023

116.J.R. Alis Dada Pednekar General Knowledge Competition Report Date:30-09-2023

117.Prize Donation for J. R. alias Dada Pednekar Memorable Marathon Date:30-09-2023

118.Late. J. R. Pednekar General Knowledge Competition Date:30-09-2023

119.J.R. Alis Dada Pednekar Marathon Competition Date:30-09-2023

120.Meri Mathi Mera Desh Date:18-09-2023

121.RD CAMP Pre Selection Test Selection in Shivaji University Team Date:15-09-2023

122.RD CAMP Pre Selection Test Selection in Shivaji University Team Date:15-09-2023

123.विश्व मे हिंदी का स्थान विषय पर भित्तीपत्रिका अनावरण Date:14-09-2023

124.हिंदी दिवस के उपलक्ष्य मे एकदिवसीय कार्यशाला Date:14-09-2023

125.विश्व में हिंदी का स्थान - भित्तीपत्रक अनावरण Date:14-09-2023

126.Marathi Proverb competition Date:13-09-2023

127.ओपन बुक टेस्ट प्रतियोगिता Date:11-09-2023

128.श्रुतलेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:09-09-2023

129.सुलेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:08-09-2023

130.Seminar Presentation Date:07-09-2023

131.Seminar Presentation Date:07-09-2023

132.Millets Cooking Competition (Under MOU) Date:06-09-2023

133.Lecture on Diet and Health Date:05-09-2023

134.Slogan Competition Based on Millets Date:05-09-2023

135.खऱ्या चलनी नोटा आणि बनावट चलनी नोटा अभियान Date:02-09-2023

136.Wallpaper Publication Date:01-09-2023

137.Story Review Date:01-09-2023

138.Essay Competition Date:31-08-2023

139.Health and Blood Checkup Camp Date:29-08-2023

140.Lecture on Human Anatomy and Health Date:29-08-2023

141.Health Camp Date:29-08-2023

142.National Sports Day Date:29-08-2023

143.Group Discussion Date:28-08-2023

144.Felicitating Ceremony-Police -Crash Course Date:26-08-2023

145.One Day workshop on Commerce Branch: Job Opportunities Date:26-08-2023

146.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:25-08-2023

147.Tree Gift from Alumni Date:21-08-2023

148.P. D. Patil Lecture Series 2023 Date:11-08-2023

149.kranti Din Date:09-08-2023

150.Kranti Din Wall Paper Inauguration Date:09-08-2023

151.kranti Din and Kranti Din Wall Paper Inauguration(Revolution Day) Date:09-08-2023

152.Essay Competition Date:07-08-2023

153.Code of Conduct Workshop Date:04-08-2023

154.मतदार जनजागृती व महसूल साप्ताह उपक्रम Date:02-08-2023

155.Lokmanya Tilak's Death Anniversary and Anna Bhau Sathe Birth Anniversary Date:01-08-2023

156.Jannathbhai Pednekar Birth Anniversary Date:15-07-2023

157.Jannathbhai Pednekar Birth Anniversary Date:15-07-2023

158.State Level Online Quiz Competation 2023 Date:11-07-2023

159.वृक्ष रोप वाटप Date:08-07-2023

160.Tree Plantation Date:08-07-2023

161.Tree Plantation and Tree Conservation Date:08-07-2023

162.National Yoga Day Date:21-06-2023

163.Road Safety and Ragging Prohibition Lecture Date:07-06-2023

164.Road Safety and Anti Ragging Awareness Program Date:07-06-2023

165.Shivrajy Abhishek Din, Raigad Camp 02 June to 08 June 2023 Date:02-06-2023

166.Farewell and Alumni Registration Date:31-05-2023

167.Maternity Home Study Visit Date:11-05-2023

168.Anganwadi Study Visit Date:11-05-2023

169.100 second tribute and lecture activities Date:06-05-2023

170.Ajara Co -operative Spinning Mill Industrial Visit Date:29-04-2023

171.Ramthirth Ajara abhas Bhet Date:29-04-2023

172.Ajara Co -operative Spinning Mill Industrial Visit Date:29-04-2023

173.One day Seminar on Success Mantra- Intelligence and Skills Date:28-04-2023

174.Success Mantra: Intelligence & Skill Date:28-04-2023

175.Two days icecream making Training workshop (MOU) Date:26-04-2023

176.On the occasion of World English Day Film Show on Macbeth Date:24-04-2023

177.Film shown on Macbeth Date:24-04-2023

178.Crash Courses for Police recruitment Date:18-04-2023

179.Honesty by Sagar Gandhwane Date:10-04-2023

180.Annual Prize Distribution Date:27-03-2023

181.Campus Bazaar Date:26-03-2023

182.Rangoli Competition Date:25-03-2023

183.Sports Competition: Tug Of War Date:20-03-2023

184.Sports Competition: Jumping Date:20-03-2023

185.Surya Namaskar Competition Date:18-03-2023

186.Sports Competition: Kabaddi Date:18-03-2023

187.Alumni Guests in Sports and Cultural Program Date:17-03-2023

188.Annual Sports Inauguration Date:17-03-2023

189.Sports Competition: Running Date:17-03-2023

190.Sports Competition: Throwing Date:17-03-2023

191.Sports Competition: Chess and Carrom Date:17-03-2023

192.Coc Course Date:16-03-2023

193.Seventy Five Years of Independence and the Indian Economy, Poster Competation 13 March 2023 Date:13-03-2023

194.Nivedan Mula khat ani Sutrasanchalan Date:08-03-2023

195.How to prepare for UPSC/MPSC Competitive exams during Graduation Date:28-02-2023

196.Birthday of veteran poet Kusumagraj and Marathi language honor day Date:27-02-2023

197.सुमंगलम पंचमहाभूत लोकोत्सव अभ्यास सहल Date:24-02-2023 trip Date:24-02-2023

199.Central Budget 2023-24 Date:11-02-2023

200.Citation under World AIDS Awareness Week awareness programme Date:11-02-2023

201.Sanitation camp lake cleaning, Nigudage Date:09-02-2023

202.Cultural Program in NSS Camp Date:08-02-2023

203.Cultural program at NSS camp Date:08-02-2023

204.Disaster Management Workshop Date:08-02-2023

205.The need for addiction recovery time Date:06-02-2023

206.Karate Training Program Date:05-02-2023

207.Shramdan at Ningudge Village Date:03-02-2023

208.NSS CAMP REPORT 03 Feb to 09 Feb 2023 Date:03-02-2023

209.NSS Camp Invitation Card 2022 -23 Date:01-02-2023

210.Sandhi aahe sarvatr ya pustakache abhivachan Date:27-01-2023

211.lecture on need of time for conservation of Marathi language Date:27-01-2023

212.Lecture on Balanced Diet and Human Health and Besan barfi practical Date:24-01-2023

213.Balanced Diet and Human Health - Lecture with Practical Date:24-01-2023

214.Anecdotal competition Date:21-01-2023

215.Raja Harishchandra short Flim Date:20-01-2023

216.Spelling Contest Date:18-01-2023

217.विश्व हिंदी दिवस भित्तीपत्रक अनावरण Date:11-01-2023

218.Hindi Wallpaper and Lecture Date:11-01-2023

219.Group Discussion on Opportunities and Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs Date:11-01-2023

220.Interview skill and ways of Carrier Date:10-01-2023

221.Workshop for CA and CS Examination Guidance Date:10-01-2023

222.Part-time/Full-time Opportunities of Economic self Employment in TTMS Bank Date:07-01-2023

223.National Consumer Day 2022-2023 Date:24-12-2022

224.How to Prepare for MBA Entrance Exam Date:14-12-2022

225.Workshop on Literature Writing Date:13-12-2022

226.Cultural Program in NSS Camp 2022 Date:09-12-2022

227.HIV Symptoms Remedy and Diet Date:07-12-2022

228.Foundation Batch Inauguration Date:03-12-2022

229.Workshop on LPG Gas Safety Mission-2022 Date:01-12-2022

230.LPG Gas Safety Campaign 2022 Date:01-12-2022

231.AIDS Awareness Rally Date:01-12-2022

232.Shivaji University Inter Zonal Womens Football Competition Date:19-11-2022

233.Financial Literacy Campaign Date:18-11-2022

234.NEP 2020- Workshop Participation [Nesari College] Date:09-11-2022

235.Guest Lecture On Career Opportunities In History Date:03-11-2022

236.ABC ID for Students Training Program Date:31-10-2022

237.Cyber Awareness Day: Lecture Date:31-10-2022

238.ABC-ID Student Training Program Date:31-10-2022

239.student terming program Date:31-10-2022

240.New Cloths and Pudding distribution for needy Students for Diwali Date:25-10-2022

241.Gift of clothes and snacks for AIDS patients Date:19-10-2022

242.Diet to lifestyle Date:19-10-2022

243.Lemon pickle making Training Workshop Date:14-10-2022

244.Student Welcome Function Date:01-10-2022

245.Prize Donation for J. R. alias Dada Pednekar Memorable Marathon Date:30-09-2022

246.J. R. Alis Dada Pednekar Marathon Competition 2022 Date:30-09-2022

247.हिंदी पखवाडा Date:14-09-2022

248.Essay Competition Date:13-09-2022

249.शब्द लेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:10-09-2022

250.सुलेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:09-09-2022

251.अनुवाद प्रतियोगिता Date:08-09-2022

252.Hindi Filmy Geet Competition Date:07-09-2022

253.श्रुतलेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:06-09-2022

254.One Day Workshop on Investment Planning Date:06-09-2022

255.हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाट्न समारोह Date:02-09-2022

256.Mahatma Phule Backward class Development Corporation- Free Training Program Date:30-08-2022

257.Health Camp Date:29-08-2022

258.National Sports Day Date:29-08-2022

259.Adavance Changes in Indian Economy Date:28-08-2022

260.Result of Essay Competition under the Amrit Mahotsav Initiative of Freedom 2022 Date:22-08-2022

261.Crop Insurance Workshop Date:18-08-2022

262.रिमझिम सावन Date:17-08-2022

263.Swarajya Mahotsav activities under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav from 9th August to 17th August 2022 Date:17-08-2022

264.Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Closing Ceremony Patriotic Song and Dance Competition Dated 17th August 2022 Date:17-08-2022

265.Lokmanya Tilak's death anniversary and Annabhau Sathe birth anniversary celebrated under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Date:17-08-2022

266.Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Concluding patriotic Song singing Competition Date:17-08-2022

267.Tribute and Parting Vibhi Sikha Day as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on 14th August 2022 Date:14-08-2022

268.Har Ghar Har Zenda Gharghar Zenda Campaign under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Dated 13th August 2022 Date:13-08-2022

269.Raksha Bandhan Program in Deaf School Date:13-08-2022

270.Anti-Drug Pledge under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav dated 12th August 2022 Date:12-08-2022

271.Cleaning of the college campus under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav on 12th August 2022 Date:12-08-2022

272.Republic Day and Flag Hoisting Ceremony under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 15 August 2022 Date:12-08-2022

273.August 9 revolution day lecture and singing of national anthem as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Date:09-08-2022

274.Cake and Biscuit Training workshop (MOU) Date:08-08-2022

275.प्रेमचंद और तुलसीदास जयंती विशेष भित्तीपत्रक अनावरण Date:05-08-2022

276.Addmission in NSS 2022-2023 Date:01-08-2022

277.Farewell and Alumni Registration Date:30-07-2022

278.Tree plantation and seed ball planting on the occasion of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2nd July 2022 Date:02-07-2022

279.Video Show On My Soul has a hat Date:26-06-2022

280.Library Visit Date:25-06-2022

281.International Yoga Day Date:21-06-2022

282.International Yoga Day Date:21-06-2022

283.Lecture on Diet and Health and Lemon squash practical Date:18-06-2022

284.Opportunities in Administrative Service after 10th/12th Date:18-06-2022

285.Diet and Health - Lecture with Practical Date:18-06-2022

286.Group Discussion Date:18-06-2022

287.Wallpaper on Business Correspondence Date:18-06-2022

288.Annual Prize Distribution Date:04-06-2022

289.Varshik paritoshik Vitaran samaranbh aani vividh gundaeshan sohala Date:04-06-2022

290.Debate Competition Date:02-06-2022

291.Rangoli Competition Date:02-06-2022

292.Surya Namaskar Competition Date:01-06-2022

293.Sports Competition: Tug of War Date:01-06-2022

294.Annual Sports Inauguration Date:31-05-2022

295.Sports Competition: Running Date:31-05-2022

296.Sports Competition: Chess and Carrom Date:31-05-2022

297.Sports Competition: Throwing Date:31-05-2022

298.Yoga for increasing concentration Date:26-05-2022

299.Maternity Home Study Visit Date:25-05-2022

300.Anganwadi Study Visit Date:25-05-2022

301.Media Writing Date:21-05-2022

302.Lecture on English for Specific Purpose Date:14-05-2022

303.English for Specific Purpose Date:14-05-2022

304.Sharda Bakers Gadhinglaj study visit Date:12-05-2022

305.Garment Industry Study visit Date:12-05-2022

306.Gokul Dudh Sankalan kendra study visit Date:12-05-2022

307.Handwriting Competition Date:10-05-2022

308.100 Second Stabdhata Abhiyan on the occasion of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Memorial Centenary Year Date:06-05-2022

309.Cleanliness campaign and tree conservation activities on the occasion of World Vasundhara Day on Sunday 24th April 2022 Date:06-05-2022

310.Alumni Home Visit for Invitation Date:05-05-2022

311.Online quiz on William Shakespeare Date:24-04-2022

312.Clean Campus and Tree Conservation Program Date:24-04-2022

313.World of Shakespeare Date:23-04-2022

314.Alumni Meeting Date:13-04-2022

315.One day Workshop on Agricultural Schemes and Subsides Date:13-04-2022

316.State Level Online Workshop on innovativ e employment Opportunities in food processing Date:08-04-2022

317.Peanut Ladoo making Training Workshop Date:04-04-2022

318.COC Basic Course in Yoga Date:01-04-2022

319.Activities carried out in March 2022 under the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative Date:31-03-2022

320.Adishakti Agro Industrial Project, Uttur Date:29-03-2022

321.Health check up camp Date:28-03-2022

322.Team Management Skills in NSS Camp Date:25-03-2022

323.Team Management Skills in NSS Camp Date:25-03-2022

324.How to prepare for Banking/SSC/Insurance exam Date:24-03-2022

325.How to prepare Bank/Insurance/SSC competitive exam during graduation Date:24-03-2022

326.Nutrition Week Campaign 21st March to 4th April 2022 Date:21-03-2022

327.Alumni Meeting Date:19-03-2022

328.NSS Annual Report 2021 -2022 Date:09-03-2022

329.World Womens Day 2022 Patriotic song singing competition Date:08-03-2022

330.Cooking Competition for Women Date:08-03-2022

331.Grain Identification Competition for Women Date:08-03-2022

332.Activities undertaken in February 2022 under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Date:28-02-2022

333.Essay Competation On " Satark Bharat - Samurdh Bharat" Date:21-02-2022

334.Result of Essay Competition Organized by Vigilant Bharat Samruddh Bharat Initiative Date:21-02-2022

335.NSS ANNUAL REPORT 2020 - 21 Date:21-02-2022

336.Academic Year 2020-21 National Service Scheme Department Volunteers Participation in Various Activities Date:21-02-2022

337.How to prepare UPSC/MPSC competitive exam during graduation Date:15-02-2022

338.How to prepare UPSC/MPSC competitive exam during graduation Date:15-02-2022

339.Shivaji University Inter Zonal Cross-Country Competition Date:07-02-2022

340.Cleaning of college premises under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2 January 2022 Date:31-01-2022

341.Marathi Bhasha sanvardhan Pandharvada 14 jane to 28 jane 2022 Date:24-01-2022

342.Arthvishav no 15 "Pantpradhan Mudra Karj Yojana" Date:24-01-2022

343.One Day Workshop On Rice Crop,Production and Trade Date:08-01-2022

344.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:05-01-2022

345.Traditional Costume & Prasentation Competition Date:03-01-2022

346.41st Central Youth Festival Date:27-12-2021

347.41st District youth Festival Date:24-12-2021

348.राष्ट्रीय चर्चासत्र - साहित्य में लिंगभेद Date:03-12-2021

349.मन्नू भंंडारी- जीवनपरिचय भित्तीपत्रक Date:02-12-2021

350.Poetry Reading Competition on the Occasion of Reading Inspirtion Day Date:23-10-2021

351.Wallpaper Publication Date:16-10-2021

352.वाचन प्रेरणा दिन Date:15-10-2021

353.Books Donation by Ananda Rajgole Date:13-10-2021

354.Naturopathy is a lifestyle Date:12-10-2021

355.Online Youth Festival Workshop Award Date:05-10-2021

356.प्रेमचंद के कथा साहित्य में नैतिक मूल्य - काव्यपाठ ,Role Play (Linkage) Date:14-09-2021

357.Essay Competition Date:07-08-2021

358.National Webinar on 'Sports Nutrition' Date:11-07-2021

359.Anuvad kshetre Ani Rojgarachya Sandhi Date:09-07-2021

360.National Level Webinar on Moral Values in 21st Centaury Date:08-07-2021

361.Employment Opportunities In History Date:06-07-2021

362.COC on Basic Course in Yoga Date:01-07-2021

363.Biodiversity in Southern Maharashtra and Konkan Region Date:30-06-2021

364.Biodiversity utility of South Maharashtra and Konkan area Date:30-06-2021

365.State Level Webinar on Carrier Opportunities in Banking and Finance Date:28-06-2021

366.Employment Opportunities in Banking and Financial Sector Date:28-06-2021

367.Career Opportunities in Banking and Finance Date:28-06-2021

368.Workshop of Online Exam System Date:26-06-2021

369.One Thousand Masks Donation Date:26-06-2021

370.Five Hundred Masks Donation Date:21-06-2021

371.State Level Webinar on 'Yoga for Health' Date:21-06-2021

372.Online Youth Festival Workshop Date:21-06-2021

373.Research Quiz Date:08-06-2021

374.Masks Making and Donation Date:30-04-2021

375.Online Lecture on My Health My Responsibility Date:27-04-2021

376.Books Donation by Nilesh Kamble Date:31-03-2021

377.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:19-03-2021

378."Covid - 19 and Chaning Social Senario" Date:16-03-2021

379.Natioanal Level Webinar on Gender Equality in Literature Date:12-03-2021

380.साहित्य में लिंगभेद समानता Date:12-03-2021

381.National Level Webinar on Gender Equality in Literature Date:12-03-2021

382.State Level Webinar on Employment and Self Employment Date:05-03-2021

383.Online Workshop on Revised Syllabus of B.A.III English Poetry Paper No. VII and XIII Date:23-02-2021

384.Training Program on Pdavi form Online Bharanyache Prakshikshan Date:11-02-2021

385.College girls: Problems and Laws Date:06-02-2021

386.Handwriting Competition Date:30-01-2021

387.Martyr's Day 30 January 2021 Date:30-01-2021

388.Essay Competition Date:25-01-2021

389.Various competitive exam preparation and study skils Date:20-01-2021

390.विश्व हिंदी दिवस भित्तीपत्रक अनावरण Date:13-01-2021

391.New Agricutural Policy of Central Government of India Date:13-01-2021

392.Short Film exhibition Date:07-01-2021

393.Online Lecture on Women Empowerment & Emotional Ability Date:05-01-2021

394.Savitribai Phule Jayanti Date:03-01-2021

395.Green Oath 1 January 2021 Date:03-01-2021

396.National Service Scheme Adoption Villages Important Activities Date:03-01-2021

397.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti Date:03-01-2021

398.Twenty Chair Donation Date:26-12-2020

399.कवि मंगलेश डबराल श्रद्धांजली भित्तीपत्रक Date:11-12-2020

400.World AIDS Day 2020 Date:01-12-2020

401.World AIDS Day 2020 Date:01-12-2020

402.National Constitution Day 26 November 2020 Date:29-11-2020

403.Martyr's Day 2020 Date:29-11-2020

404.National Constitution Day 26 November 2020 Date:26-11-2020

405.National Education Day 2020 Date:11-11-2020

406.National Education Day 2020 Date:11-11-2020

407.Health Vigilance Committee 28 Oct. to 05 Nov. 2020 Date:05-11-2020

408.Vigilance awareness Report 2020 Date:04-11-2020

409.National Service Scheme Adoption Villages Important Activities Date:08-10-2020

410.Corruption Eradication Pledge Program 2020 Date:08-10-2020

411.Wallpaper Publication Date:30-09-2020

412.National Sports Day Date:29-08-2020

413.Lecture on Breathing Techniques Date:29-08-2020

414.Lokmanya Tilak and Annabhau Sathe Jayanti Date:01-08-2020

415.Lokmanya Tilak and Annabhau Sathe Jayanti Date:01-08-2020

416.प्रेमचंद जन्मतिथि प्रतिमापूजन Date:31-07-2020

417.Online State Level Quiz Competition Date:10-07-2020

418.Activities implemented to prevent corona virus outbreak Academic year 2019-20 Date:17-05-2020

419.COVID 19 cOLLEGE EVENTS NEWS Date:05-05-2020

420.Alumni Work at Corona Pandamic Date:28-04-2020

421.Awareness about COVID 19 TO People in Gadhinglaj Date:28-04-2020

422.Covid 19 Awareness Program Pariticate Certificates Date:26-04-2020

423.Food Distribution to People Date:25-04-2020

424.Mask Distribution Date:20-04-2020

425.आपली काळजी आपण स्वतः धेऊया कोरोनाला हरवूया Date:18-04-2020

426.Mask Prodution and Distribution Date:17-04-2020

427.3000 Mask Distribution to Villages Date:16-04-2020

428.Wallpaper Publication Date:14-04-2020

429.Mask Production Date:13-04-2020

430.कोरोना विषाणू माहिती पत्रकाचे प्रकाशन Date:12-03-2020

431.COVID 19 pamplet Publication Date:12-03-2020

432.World Womens Day 2020 Date:09-03-2020

433.Guest Lecture On Career In Modi Script Date:27-02-2020

434.Training Course on Mehandi Date:24-02-2020

435.Study Visit Date:07-02-2020

436.Annual Prize Distribution Date:01-02-2020

437.culutural Program Date:01-02-2020

438.Sports Competition: Best Physique Date:28-01-2020

439.Sports Competition: Running Date:28-01-2020

440.Sports Competition: Kho-Kho Date:27-01-2020

441.Cooking Competition Date:26-01-2020

442.Sports Competition: Kabaddi Date:25-01-2020

443.Sports Competition: Chess and Carrom Date:24-01-2020

444.Annual Sports Inauguration Date:24-01-2020

445.Sports Competition: Throwing Date:24-01-2020

446.Student Career Guidance Workshop Date:23-01-2020

447.One day National seminar Date:21-01-2020

448.हिंदी में रोजगार के अवसर - भित्तीपत्रक Date:11-01-2020

449.Wallpaper Presentation on Quotes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Date:11-01-2020

450.Tarangan Khelghar Anganwadi Gadhinglaj, Study visit Date:09-01-2020

451.Books Donation by Shivraj Sabati Date:06-01-2020

452.Organic Farming Workshop 2019 Date:13-12-2019

453.Agricultural Sanjeevani Exhibition Study Peth Date:11-12-2019

454.Shivaji University Zonal Baseball Competition Date:11-12-2019

455.CEP Course on Community Driven Environmentally Sustainble Villege Date:11-11-2019

456.Warana Dudh sangh Gadhinglaj Study visit Date:18-10-2019

457.Sankpal Furniture Gadhinglaj, Study visit Date:18-10-2019

458.Film Show Train To Pakistan Date:18-10-2019

459.Film Show Angoor Date:17-10-2019

460.Zero Amount Savings Account Campaign Date:14-10-2019

461.J. R. Alis Dada Pednekar Marathon Competition Date:01-10-2019

462.39th Central Youth Festival Date:26-09-2019

463.39th District Youth Festival Date:18-09-2019

464.सुलेखन प्रतियोगिता Date:14-09-2019

465.कहावत प्रतियोगिता Date:14-09-2019

466.हिंदी का प्रचार -प्रसार और महत्व भित्तीपत्रक Date:14-09-2019

467.Essay Competition Date:07-09-2019

468.Zero Savings Account Campaign Date:04-09-2019

469.Health check up camp 2019 Date:29-08-2019

470.Health check up camp Date:29-08-2019

471.National Sports Day Date:29-08-2019

472.Health Camp Date:29-08-2019

473.Educational Tools Donation of Flood Affected Students Date:22-08-2019

474.Essay Competition Date:20-08-2019

475.Workshop on Disaster Management Date:15-08-2019

476.Alumni Meeting Date:05-08-2019

477.प्रेमचंद जयंती - भित्तीपत्रक Date:31-07-2019

478.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:30-07-2019

479.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:30-07-2019

480.Union Budget 2018 - 2019 Date:17-07-2019

481.HIV AIDS is a serious problem Date:11-07-2019

482.International Yoga Day Date:21-06-2019

483.Reserve Bank and Governor wall sheet Date:01-04-2019

484.Film Show The Dread Departure Date:30-03-2019

485.Wallpaper on Literary Prizes Date:29-03-2019

486.Wallpaper on Literary Prizes Date:29-03-2019

487.SET NET Exam Preparation Date:19-03-2019

488.Farewell ceremony Date:19-03-2019

489.Best Performing College Date:08-03-2019

490.SET NET Exam Preparation (Intelligence Test) Date:02-03-2019

491.Cashew factory study visit Date:16-02-2019

492.Shivaji University Kolhapur Study Center of Department of Economics Date:12-02-2019

493.Sarsenapati Prataprao Gujar Memorial Nesri Study Visit Date:08-02-2019

494.Anganwadi Study Visit Date:08-02-2019

495.Alumni Meeting for Program Planning Date:04-02-2019

496.Annual Prize Distribution Date:31-01-2019

497.Rongali Competition Date:27-01-2019

498.Cooking Competition Date:25-01-2019

499.Sports Competition: Best Physique Date:24-01-2019

500.Sports Competition: Throwing Date:23-01-2019

501.Sports Competition: Kabaddi Date:23-01-2019

502.Shivaji University Yoga Team All India Inter University Combined Practice Camp Date:23-01-2019

503.Sports Competition: Jumping Date:22-01-2019

504.Sports Competition: Kho-Kho Date:22-01-2019

505.Annual Sports Inauguration Date:21-01-2019

506.Sports Competition: Running Date:21-01-2019

507.Sports Competition: Chess and Carrom Date:21-01-2019

508.Sports Competition: Surya Namaskar Date:21-01-2019

509.Group Discussion Question Paper Intelligence Test Date:03-01-2019

510.Ajara College Economics Department Study Visit Date:28-12-2018

511.Economics and competitive exam preparation Date:27-12-2018

512.Employment opportunities for rural women Date:10-12-2018

513.College Campus Cleanliness Initiative Date:10-12-2018

514.Yoga Camp at NSS Date:09-12-2018

515.38 District youth Festival Date:27-10-2018

516.Cultural Program at Basarge Date:14-10-2018

517.38th Central Youth Festival Date:01-10-2018

518.निबंध प्रतियोगिता Date:14-09-2018

519.हिंदी दिन विशेष - भित्तीपत्रक Date:14-09-2018

520.हिंदी दिन समारोह - व्याख्यान Date:14-09-2018

521.Shivaji University Zonal Women Kabaddi Competition Date:08-09-2018

522.Economic analysis of farmers' suicides Date:07-09-2018

523.Arrangement and Decoration of fruits & vagetables Date:04-09-2018

524.Vocabulary Building Competition Date:30-08-2018

525.National Sports Day Date:29-08-2018

526.Employment And Self Employment From Tourism Date:23-08-2018

527.प्रेमचंद - फिल्म Date:31-07-2018

528.प्रेमचंंद जयंती-भित्तीपत्रक Date:31-07-2018

529.International Yoga Day Date:21-06-2018

530.NSS Special Camp 09 Dec to 15 Dec 2018 Date:09-12-2017

531.District Level Special Camp Year 2017-18 Date:04-12-2017

532.District Level Special Camp Year 2017-18 Date:04-12-2017

533.Yoga Camp Date:09-12-1998

1.Selected Indian Army Date:02-04-2024

2.Journeys Across Borders: Navigating Diasporic Identities and belonging in Jhumpa Lahiri's 'Unaccustomed Earth' Date:24-02-2024

3.Vermi Composting - Subject Expert Date:31-01-2024

4.vishesh kaksh sthayi samiti sadsya Date:16-01-2024

5.One Week Online Faculty Development Program on " Research Methodology : Tecniques, and prasentation" Date:15-01-2024

6.Contribution as BoS Sub-Committee member Date:05-01-2024

7.4x400 Mix Realy Silver Medal Date:29-12-2023

8.Selected as a Subject Expert in Economics Date:19-12-2023

9.Barrister P. G. Patil Paritoshik Date:23-11-2023

10.Shikshan Maharshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe Paritoshik. Date:23-11-2023

11.Late Bando Gopal Kadam Alias Mukadam Prize. Date:23-11-2023

12.Prof. Ganesh Raghunath Kokil Paritoshik Date:23-11-2023

13.Late Shrimant Paramhans Swami Shukanand Maharaj Alias Vasudev Atmaram Raorane Paritoshik Date:23-11-2023

14.Late. Dr. Shantinath Desai Paritoshik Date:23-11-2023

15.Late. Principal K. G. Pandit Prize Date:23-11-2023

16.Prof. M. M. Sharangpani Prize Date:23-11-2023

17.Savitribai Phule Paritoshik Date:23-11-2023

18.200m and 400m running Gold Medal Date:19-11-2023

19.400 m. and 200m. running gold medal Date:06-11-2023

20.4x400 m and 4x100 m. Relay bronze Medal Date:05-11-2023

21.3 Rank in Relay 4x100 M (Men) Date:04-11-2023

22.3rd Rank in Ralay 4x400 M (Men) Date:04-11-2023

23.1st Rank in 400 M Running Date:04-11-2023

24.1st Rank in 200 M Running Date:04-11-2023

25.3rd Rank in Men Relay 4x100 M and 4x400 M Date:04-11-2023

26.Judge of Oratorical Competition Date:11-10-2023

27.Shivaji University Merit Scholarship 2022-2023 Date:05-08-2023

28.Shivaji University Merit Scholarship 2022-2023 Date:05-08-2023

29.Shivaji University Merit Scholarship 2022-2023 Date:05-08-2023

30.Shivaji University Merit Scholarship 2022-2023 Date:05-08-2023

31.Nominated as a Board of Student Development at Shivaji University, Kolhapur Date:17-07-2023

32.Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor Date:05-07-2023

33.Appreciation for Learn and Earn Scheme Date:01-07-2023

34.Minor Research Project on पदवी स्तरीय शिष्यवृत्या व शिक्षण शुल्क सवलत योजना: एक मूल्यमापनात्मक अभ्यास Date:10-06-2023

35.Represent 3rd Kolo India Yoga Date:03-06-2023

36.Participation in Yoga Men Khelo India University Games. Date:01-06-2023

37.Selected as a Vice-president of FASTA Date:23-04-2023

38.Two Week Interdisciplinary Refresher Course Date:22-04-2023

39.खाजगीकरणाचे शिक्षणावरील परिणाम या विषयावर शोधनिबंध सादर Date:13-04-2023

40."Impact Of Globalization on English Language and Literature" Date:12-04-2023

41.Nomination on Faculty of Commerce and Management at Shivaji University, Kolhapur Date:06-04-2023

42.Sahityaratna Annabhau Sathe Puraskar Date:29-03-2023

43.Principal Bra. P.G. Patil & Sumatibai Patil Scholorship Date:20-03-2023

44.नवीन आर्थिक धोरण: एक अभ्यास या विषयावर शोधनिबंध सादर Date:13-03-2023 में महिलाओं की स्थिति - कल ,आज और कल - राष्ट्रीय चर्चासत्र - प्रमुख मार्गदर्शक Date:06-03-2023

46.Represent All India Cycling Date:15-02-2023

47.Represent All India Cycling Date:15-02-2023

48.Cycling 5th place Date:23-01-2023

49.Cycling 6thplace Date:23-01-2023

50.Yoga Mini Olympic Date:05-01-2023

51.Selected as District Nodal Officer for Youth Stewardship for Water Conservation and Climate Change Date:04-01-2023

52.University team leader for Maharashtra Assembly Session, Nagpur Date:27-12-2022

53.All India Yoga 5th place Date:27-12-2022

54.5th Rank in Yoga Men All India Inter University Date:26-12-2022

55.7th Rank in Yoga Men All India Inter University Competition. Date:25-12-2022

56.FDP Date:04-12-2022

57.FDP Date:04-12-2022

58.Yoga 6th Place Date:24-11-2022

59.सांगली जिल्हा युवा महोत्सव - हिंदी वकृत्व परिक्षक Date:12-10-2022

60.4 Week Faculty Induction /Orientation Programme Date:21-08-2022

61.स्थानिक निवड समिती- हिंदी व पर्यावरण शास्त्र विभाग प्रमुख Date:12-08-2022

62.स्थाननिश्चिती कॅस समिती - हिंदी विषयतज्ञ Date:30-06-2022

63.मैत्र काव्य पुरस्कार-परिक्षक Date:13-06-2022

64.Certificate Course in Basic Course in Yoga Date:06-05-2022

65.Yoga Silver Medal Date:01-05-2022

66.Best Student Award Date:30-04-2022

67.2nd Rank in Yoga Men Khelo India University Games. Date:29-04-2022

68.800m Gold Medal Date:23-04-2022

69.Research Paper Publication Date:10-04-2022


71.Minor Research Project on नगरपालिका क्षेत्रासाठी उपनगर बससेवा: गडहिंग्लज शहरासाठी एक प्रारूप Date:11-03-2022

72.Cross Country Bronze Medal Date:10-03-2022

73.Cross Country Bronze Medal Date:10-03-2022

74.State Level Award In Research Date:06-03-2022

75.Represent 800 and 1500m Date:22-02-2022


77.Cross Country 4th place Date:07-02-2022

78.Cross Country Gold Medal Date:07-02-2022

79.Cross Country Team Championship (Gold Medal) Date:07-02-2022

80.Represent Cross Country Date:15-01-2022

81.Represent 5000m. Date:07-01-2022

82.University Youth Festival Second Prize Date:29-12-2021

83.Yoga 7th place Date:27-12-2021

84.सांगली जिल्हा युवा महोत्सव परिक्षक - हिंदी वक्तृत्व Date:22-12-2021

85.Cross Country 4th place Date:21-12-2021

86.4x400 Relay 4th place Date:18-12-2021

87.800 m. Gold Medal, 1500m. Silver Medal and 400 m. Bronze Medal Date:17-12-2021

88.5000 m. Gold Medal Date:17-12-2021

89.10000 m.Gold Medal and 5000 m Silver Medal Date:12-12-2021

90.800 m. Gold Medal and 1500m.Running Bronze Medal Date:11-12-2021

91.400m. Running Silver Medal Date:10-12-2021

92.Yoga 5th Place Date:29-11-2021

93.Local Management Committee - HOD Environment Date:01-11-2021

94.हिंदी बाह्य विषय तज्ञ Date:09-10-2021

95.Life Membership of LIS Academy, Bangalore Date:01-09-2021

96.One Week International Faculty Development Programme Date:02-08-2021

97.Three Days Virtual National Faculty Development Programme Date:12-07-2021

98.FDP Date:05-07-2021

99.प्रदेश उपाध्यक्ष महिला इकाई - राष्ट्रीय शिक्षक संचेतना Date:01-07-2021

100.3rd Rank in University Merit List Date:31-03-2021

101.Shivaji University Merit Scholarship Date:31-03-2021

102.Awarded Ph.D. in Economics Date:09-11-2020

103.Selected as District Nodal Officer for the Examination of Covid-19 Period Date:15-10-2020

104.Faculty Development Program Date:06-06-2020

105.Faculty Development Program - Ramanujan College Delhi Date:28-05-2020

106.Life Membership of SUCLA Kolhapur Date:24-05-2020

107.One Week Faculty Development Programme Date:25-04-2020

108.Participation in West Zone Inter University Cricket Tournament. Date:28-12-2019

109.Best Program Officer Award -Kolhapur District - First Prize Date:20-12-2019


111.1st Place in Boxing (60 to 65Kg) Date:14-10-2019

112.2nd Place in 10,000 m Running Date:10-10-2019

113.Stood 3rd in Long Jump in Zonal Athletic Meet. Date:10-10-2019

114.Participation in All India Inter University Cross Country Date:06-10-2019

115.शिवाजी विद्यापीठ कोल्हापूर मध्यवर्ती युवा महोत्सव परिक्षक - हिंदी वक्तृत्व Date:26-09-2019

116.शिवाजी विद्यापीठ - सांंगली जिल्हा युवा महोत्सव परिक्षक - हिंदी वक्तृत्व Date:20-09-2019

117.Individual 5th Place and Team 3rd Place in Cross Country. Date:09-09-2019

118.Team Stood 3rd in Cross- Country Competition Date:09-09-2019

119.संघव्यवस्थापक आव्हान - चांसलर्स ब्रिगेड: आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन प्रशिक्षण शिबीर Date:12-06-2019

120.Board of Students Development- Member Date:10-06-2019

121.Best Student Award Date:30-04-2019

122.नेतृत्व विकास शिबिर शिलेदार -मार्गदर्शक Date:18-03-2019सेट परीक्षेचे बदलते स्वरुप - कार्यशाळा - प्रमुख मार्गदर्शक Date:16-03-2019

124.सांस्कृतिक कला सादरीकरण - एकदिवशीय कार्यशाळा - साधन व्यक्ती Date:16-02-2019

125.Participation in All India Inter University Yoga Competition Date:07-02-2019

126.Participation in All India Yoga Competition Date:07-02-2019

127.अनुवाद में रोजगार के अवसर प्रमाणपत्र कोर्स - विशेषज्ञ Date:22-01-2019

128.Sitaram Jindal foundation Date:03-01-2019

129.अनुवाद प्रमाणपत्र कोर्स - विशेषज्ञ Date:02-01-2019

130.West ZoneI Inter University Youth Festival - Team Manager,SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY, KOLHAPUR Date:19-12-2018

131.Sitaram Jindal foundation Date:08-12-2018

132.Participated in Yoga (21 to 25 Age) Date:22-11-2018

133.Selected as a Member of Shivaji University NSS Advisory Committee Date:16-11-2018

134.1st in Yoga Date:13-11-2018

135.3rd in Yoga Competition Date:13-11-2018

136.Youth Festival - Mimicry Examiner Date:27-10-2018

137.Shivaji University,Kolhapur Youth Festival - Vice-Chancellor nominated Member of Organizing Committee Date:26-10-2018

138.Central Youth Festival - Assessment Date:21-09-2018

139.3rd Place in Boxing (64Kg) Date:29-08-2018

140.3rd place in Yoga (21 to 25 Age) Date:19-08-2018

141.1st in Yoga (21 to 25 Age) Date:08-07-2018

142.Nominated as s Member of Board of Students Development at Shivaji University, Kolhapur Date:19-06-2018

143.स्थानिक निवड समिती - विषय तज्ञ Date:05-06-2018

144.Merit Scholarship Date:01-06-2018

145.नेतृत्व विकास शिबिर शिलेदार:नेतृत्व गुण विकास Date:11-03-2018


147.भाषा साहित्य और समाज : एकदिवशीय कार्यशाला - संसाधन विषेशज्ञ Date:22-12-2017

148.3rd in Best Physique Competition Date:22-12-2017

149.Life Membership of SUTA, Kolhapur Date:23-11-2017

150.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 3rd in 4x100m Relay Date:04-11-2017

151.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 3rdd in 4x100m Relay Date:04-11-2017

152.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 3rd in 4x100m Relay Date:04-11-2017

153.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 4x100m Relay Date:04-11-2017

154.2nd in 4x400m Relay Date:04-11-2017

155.3rd in 4x100m Relay Date:04-11-2017

156.2nd in 4x400 Relay and 2nd in 4x100m Relay Date:24-10-2017

157.3rd in 800m Running Date:25-09-2017

158.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 2nd in 4x100m Relay Date:24-09-2017

159.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 2nd in 4x100m Relay Date:24-09-2017

160.2nd in 4x400m Relay and 2nd in 4x100m Relay Date:24-09-2017

161.2nd in 4x400m Relay Date:24-09-2017

162.2nd in 4x100m Relay Date:24-09-2017

163.6th Place in Cross Country Date:20-09-2017

164.5th Place in Cross Country Date:20-09-2017

165.1st in Best Physique (65 Kg) Date:07-09-2017

166.स्थानिक निवड समिति :विषय तज्ञ Date:30-06-2017

167.स्थानिक निवड समिति :विषय विभाग प्रमुख Date:20-06-2017

168.Life Membership of MUCLA Kolhapur Date:08-01-2016

169.आदर्श प्राध्यापक पुरस्कार - 2014 Date:13-02-2014

We established Omkar Shikshan Prasaraka Mandal a public trust in order to provide higher education to socio-economically backward community of Gadhinglaj and surrounding villages. Read More
Shri. Rajan Pednekar,
President, Omkar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

It gives me immense pleasure to achieve vision, mission and objectives of our institute along with your valuable co-operation. The college is making its best efforts to realize the objectives from its inception. Read More I/C Principal Dr. Anil Patil






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